If you’re behind the vision of Treated Right, we’d love you to get involved! Here are three ways you might consider doing that:

Donate – We’re really keen that all of the profits from cake sales go straight back out to the charities we’re supporting… this means that we’d hugely value any donations to the upkeep of Treated Right itself. If you’d like to make a small donation towards the ingredients each week, you’re very welcome to do that on our Patreon page.

Share – One of the things we aim to do is better understand issues surrounding human trafficking and sexual exploitation, and to help others to do the same. We think that a better appreciation of the problems at hand will both equip and motivate us as we seek to bring lasting change. If there are stories, insights or ideas that you want to tell us about, please do get in touch! Equally, if you’d like to share any of the content we produce or help publicise the project itself, then we’d love your help in reaching a wider audience. Please do give our Facebook page a like to stay in the loop!

Bake (or be baked for!) – If you’re a student in Cambridge and you’d like to get involved by committing to baking weekly for your friends to raise money next term, then do let us know – we’re excited by the idea that the project might expand. Alternatively if you’d like to sign up to donate £10 a term (and receive a baked good yourself) then do get in touch and we’ll include you in the next term’s list.