Hope for Justice is a charity which aims to bring an end to modern slavery by rescuing victims, restoring lives, and reforming society. It’s active in the UK, US, Norway and Cambodia, with a threefold aim. It works to rescue, as specialist investigators identify victims of trafficking and remove them from situations of exploitation. It helps to restore victims with tailored restorative care initiatives. And it helps to bring reform, training professionals to identify modern slavery, seeking policy change by governments and media, and eliminating slavery from supply chains.

Unseen works directly with survivors of modern slavery and trafficking. Their recent projects include a Women’s Anti-Trafficking Emergency Refuge scheme, a helpline and resource centre and a project specifically for children. The group aims to go global by 2020.

Beyond the Streets wants to see a world where people are free from exploitation, and where those involved in prostitution have the option to pursue genuine alternatives, free from constraints such as drug use, abusive relationships and poverty. It does this by providing a Freephone helpline, offering a safe place to listen and then journeying with women who want to leave the industry behind.